It’s cold outside, maybe it’s raining and the kids are complaining that they’re bored. There are loads of fun family activities you can do together at home during winter to warm your both body and your heart. Here’s a list of some of my favourite winter warming family activities:

Baking: Kids love to bake and it’s a great opportunity to not only have fun but also learn some valuable life skills. Winter is the perfect time to bake some warm muffins, cookies or cakes.

Movie day: Grab some blankets and pillows and snuggle up on the couch for a movie day. Maybe you can even choose some movies you loved growing up to share with your child.

Building cubbies and forts: What kid doesn’t love building a fort or cubby? Use blankets, pillows and furniture and serve morning or afternoon tea inside.

Craft: Set up a craft station with paper, scissors, pencils, stickers and anything you else you have. You can make collages, do drawings, origami, painting, book making and the list goes on. Let your children use their imagination to create whatever they like.

Hide and Seek: Play a good old fashioned game of hide and seek.

Playdough: Make up a batch of playdough and add some cookie cutters, icy pole sticks and rolling pins. This one is guaranteed to keep the kids amused.

Board Games: Winter is the perfect time to pull out the board games. Some of our current favourites include Guess Who, Connect Four and Trouble. If you’re children are a bit older challenge them to an epic game of Monopoly!

Reading: Cuddle up in bed or on the couch with some story books.

Dance: Music is good for the soul. Turn up the music and dance around the house to keep those bodies warm!

What activities do your family like to do together during the colder months?

Sarah is a mother, wife, day dreamer and creative soul. Her days are busy, working part time and being a full time mum. She is also a freelance writer and blogs regularly at about a variety oftopics from parenting to travel, creativity and career and everything in between!